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Professor Ole Mors

Since 1989 member of the WHO Collaborating Center, Psychiatric Hospital in Aarhus. Since 1991 organizer and trainer at courses in SCAN as part of the post graduate Ph.D. courses at the University of Aarhus. Since 1996 trainer at the obligatory training courses for Danish psychiatric trainees in psychopathology (SCAN, short version). 1991-94 temporary advisor for the SCAN Editorial Committee. Since 1998 leader of the SCAN training center in Denmark. Since 1989 member of the Danish Psychiatric Association=s diagnostic committee. From 1990-1996 member of European Science Foundations Diagnostic Subgroup@ concerning the research programme AThe Molecular Neurobiology of Mental Illness@. 1991 international advisor for DSM-IV and member of the Advisory Board for DSM-IV axis II workgroup. Since 1991 organizer and trainer at the post graduate Ph.D. courses in genetic epidemiology at the University of Aarhus. Since 1993 trainer at the obligatory courses for Danish psychiatric trainees concerning molecular psychiatry and gene environment interaction. Danish project leader for three BIOMED 1 (EU founded) and one European Science Foundation research programmes: The clinical and molecular genetic study of cytogenetic abnormalities associated with schizophrenia and affective psychoses@, 1993-95 The identification of gene susceptibility factors in manic-depressive illness using non-parametric methods@, 1994-96 multicentre association study of the molecular genetics of schizophrenia@, 1994-97. The European Science Foundation=s Programme on the Molecular Neurobiology of Mental Illness@, 1991-97. Presently working with the identification of genetic and environmental risk factors in psychiatric disorders in the Danish ,Faeroese and Cuban population using linkage, association studies and molecular cytogenetic studies as well as analytical epidemiological methods.

Professor Henrik Ewald

My main work has been genetic mapping of disease genes especially of bipolar affective disorder which have led to the identification of an interesting chromosome regions on chromosome 16p13.3 and 12q24, and supported loci on chromosomes 4p15 and 18q23. In these regions new candidate genes for bipolar affective disorder have been identified and characterised. I have experience within the fields of genetic mapping, molecular genetics, genetic epidemiology, bioinformatics, population genetics, psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology and psychiatric genetics. I have published around 70 scientific papers. I am first author on around 20 papers and co-authoring around 15 papers in American journals. Currently heading a number of international and Danish projects primarily concerning the search for disease genes for bipolar affective disorder in the Danish, English and Cuban population and disease genes involved in a number of psychiatric diseases in the genetically isolated Faroese population.