The department of Psychiatry, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Erasme Hospital will mainly be involved in the human pharmacogenomics study of the project. The center will contribute to specify the objectives and the design of the human pharmacogenomics study and will recruit patients to be enrolled. The department of Psychiatry has the capacity to achieve these objectives, having experience in prospective randomised patient allocation studies and design of treatment response studies. In addition the center has also facilities for patients recruitment since it is considered a reference centrum in Belgium for the treatment of affective disorders. Outpatients and inpatients will be available for the project. The center is also experienced in psychiatric genetic studies and has developed facilities for DNA collection, extraction and genotyping.


Professor Julien Mendlewicz

Professor Mendlewicz has been involved in psychiatric genetic studies for more than 30 years, he published among the first molecular genetic study in Bipolar disorder in 1987. With the group, he was successful in initiating and implementing large European consortium on the genetics of mood disorders. His center has developed expertise in recruitment of patients for case-control association and pharmacogenetic studies. Professor Mendlewic will act as project leader for Brussels.

Dr Daniel Souery

Dr. Daniel Souery is involved in psychiatric genetic studies for 10 years, he has been active in setting up a European network of clinical and research genetic centers for genetic studies in mood disorders (Biomed I and Biomed II programs). His interest during the last years was mainly case-control association studies in multicentric projects using well characterized patients. He is now developing multicenter initiatives for pharmacogenetic studies. He is now coordinating a European multicentre study on treatment resistant depression including a prospective study with a pharmacogenetic component.