GABO was founded in 1982 by Hans-Dieter Schuster and is located in Munich, Germany. GABO is a modern, innovative service company and has over 20 years business experiences in the IT and consulting business. GABO employs more than 60 specialists from different domains of science. GABO has experiences organising and controlling complex research and development projects (for example for the German Government Departments of Science and Research, the pharmaceutical and large scale industry). Therefore, GABO is the optimal interface between research projects and the requirements of the European Commission. GABO is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 obligating for Excellence in cooperation with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). GABO aspires to the European Quality Award. GABO has been awarded numerous times for outstanding accomplishment in project management, product quality, quality management and innovation: Winner of the Bavarian Quality Award 2002 Best employer in the German small business sector 2002/2003 TOP 100 - innovative companies of medium size in Germany 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year 1998 For GENDEP, GABO will operate from a project office in Munich. Its main tasks will be the resources management and advisory services on contractual issues and EC regulations. Furthermore, GABO will support the consortium with questions on knowledge management and reporting.