The Psychiatry Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery is one of the six worldwide drug discovery centres for GSK, and has its main research laboratories in Verona and Harlow (UK). The Molecular Medicine Department (13 permanent staff) is focusing its research on the identification and validation of novel targets for a series of psychiatry diseases (depression, drug dependency and sleep) through a combination of molecular neurobiology and novel genomic and proteomic approaches. The Department has an additional experience in the profiling at the molecular level of preclinical pharmacological and behavioral models for psychiatry diseases, in particular through 2D-gel proteomics of rat peripheral and CNS samples, which is carried out by a subgroup supervised by Lucia Carboni, PhD. For proteomics, the Psychiatry CEDD has access to a Mass Spectrometry Lab (led by Mahmoud Hamdan, PhD) equipped with advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation for proteomic analysis (TofSpec 2E for MALDI-TOF, and Q-TOF II for LC-ESI MS/MS).