The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Bonn consits of na clinical component with 121 inpatient beds and an outclinic dealing mainly with affective and neurotic disorders and a research component with the core activities in genetic epidemiology, molecular genetics and psychopharmacology in affective disorders and other psychiatric disorders. Supported by a series of grants by the German Research Council, the Federal Ministry of Research, the NIMH and of multiple national and international private and industry funds multiple family and case control samples in psychiatric disorders were recruited and characterised by clinical and neurobiological tools. In order to extend the recruitment basis a network of cooperating psychiatric hospitals was established. The department holds national DNA- and cell banks for depression, for schizophrenia and for dementias funded by the federal ministry. The molecular genetic laboratory has conducted several genome wide linkage analyses and extensive finemapping in linkage disequilibrium studies. Since recently, the department runs a mice genetic laboratory focussing on transgenetic methods.


Professor Maier

Before he was associated as Deputy Chairman and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Mainz. He is dedicated to the field of psychiatric genetics since about 15 years. Currently he is the principle investigator for multiple multicenter activities in this field; e.g. pharmacogenetic and molecular genetic programmes in german medical competence networks on depression/suicidality, on schizophrenia and on dementias, funded by the federal government. He is the organiser of the genetics compound of the federal funded networks on addiction. He is a speaker of the biomaterial bank committee of the Federal Ministry of Research and the director of research of the German Organisation of Psychiatrists (DGPPN).

Dr. Zobel

Senior psychiatrist at the Department of Psychiatry and responsible for the depression inpatient clinic. The current main focus is recruitment for pharmacogenetics studies and endophenotype characterisation. Previously (1997-2000) she worked at the Max Planck institute of Psychiatry in Munich in the field of medical chemical psychoneuroendocrinology. Dr. Zobel will perform the recruitment programme at the Bonn site.

Dr Kölsch

Dr Kölsch is the biologist in charge of the medical laboratory at the Department of Psychiatry. Her main work up to now is on neurotoxicity, neurosteroids, pharmacokinetics and molecular genetics of late onset Alzheimers. Dr Kölsch will take part in training in molecular genetic techniques at the Institute of Psychiatry, if funding can be found to facilitate this.