Introductions to Genetics

Genetics (

A good user friendly introdution to the concepts used in the study of genetics

Introductions to Psychopharmacology

Psychopharmacology: An introduction

This is a good introductory chapter on the subject of Psychopharmacology first published in the Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology Vol. 1 Colman, A. (Ed) London: Routledge, 1994.

General Mental Health

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

This website offers a comprehensive list of mental health disorders, their effects and causes that can be chosen from a drop down menu. It contains information on audiotapes, books, leaflets and factsheets about various mental health issues. It also includes information on self-help and the kinds of treatment available and how to get specialist help.

Depression Alliance online

Depression Alliance is a charity run by sufferers themselves, that offers help to depression sufferers and carers. It provides information on various aspects of depression, advice on getting support and understanding, information on self-help groups across the UK, newsletters with information on how to manage depression and information on workshops, as well as seminars and conferences relating to depression.

Mental Health Com

This is a website with a huge encyclopedia of information on mental health. The site is intended for professionals, patients, carers, support groups and students. Information is clearly and comprehensibly presented. It contains a very complete list of disorders with extensive information on diagnosis, medications, research and links to other mental health sites.

The Albert Ellis Institute

The Albert Ellis institute is a non-profit making educational organization offering professional training, self-help pamphlets, books and tapes. All information is based on a human, action oriented approach to emotional growth, developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, emphasizing individuals' capacity for creating their own emotions and the ability to change by focusing on the present. Essays can be downloaded containing practical examples of how various emotional problems (e.g., anxiety and feelings of guilt) can be overcome.


Sane is concerned with improving the lives of those with mental illness (mainly depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, obsessions, phobias and addictions). The site includes extensive and easily understandable mental illness literature and offers information on their national telephone helpline.

UK Mental Health Research Network

The UK MHRN is a Department of Health funded network designed to provide a research infrastructure. The network supports vital large-scale research which will help to raise the standard of mental health and social care research throughout England. In addition, it acts as a central point of information and reference, connecting service users and carers to researchers and mental health professionals. The UK MHRN research will not only respond to government policy but will help guide practice and contribute to the understanding of mental illness and the increase of mental wellbeing in the UK.

Depression Specific

The Associaton for Post Natal Illness

A charity funded association, providing support to mothers suffering from post-natal depression. The site offers information about PNI, its causes and symptoms, self-help advice to both sufferers and their carers and what can be done to help. Sufferers can ring to speak to phone volunteers who have had and recovered from the illness themselves.

Anxiety Specific


The Samaritans

The Samaritans provide confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing. The site gives information on how to contact them either, by phone, email, letter or for a face to face talk.